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  • AutoText Primary

    A messaging service for Primary Schools enabling simple communication with parents/guardians and staff.
  • AutoText Secondary

    A messaging service for Secondary Schools enabling simple communication with staff and parents/guardians.
  • Layout Design

    Atomwide also offers a professional design service, for any additional layouts.
  • On-site Installation

    Need on-site help installing your Android devices and wall mounting your screens..?
  • Screens & Mounting Brackets

    A range of high quality LCD and LED display screens and wall mounting brackets are available from Atomwide.
  • Advanced Replacement Warranty

    Add a second year of cover and faster warranty replacement for your Digital Signage device.
  • 3rd Party LGfL MailProtect

    LGfL MailProtect for third party support organisations working with LGfL schools. Maximum 12 mail accounts.
  • Annual USOSync Subscription

    USOSync enables schools subscribing to Atomwide USO user authentication to synchronise their Active Directory with USO.
  • Networked Weather Station

    The Atomwide Networked Weather Station monitors a range of weather variables and sends their values to an online database for participating schools to analyse.
  • Weather Station Install

    How about an installation with that weather station?