Cisco 7841 Phone

Replacing the Cisco 6941 and 6945 handsets, the 7841 features 4 illuminated dial buttons as well as gigabit ethernet support.

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Service Level:

This phone has a high resolution 3.5 inch graphical LCD display that allows four soft keys to functiont. Providing two more lines than the 7821, this phone has four illuminated call keys that can be used to support either four incoming lines or programmable call extensions. 

A built in 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet switch is included that allows the local PC and phone to share one network connection on a suitable configured local area network.

Headphone functionality for use in an open office or call centre environment.

Five options exist for the purchase of this IP Telephone

'Just the handset' which comes without a Cisco Licence for use with a Call Manager - this is the option for replacing a handset that has been damaged outside of its 1 year warranty, or as an additional handset tethered to a Deluxe handset installed on your system.

Basic, Standard, Enhanced & Deluxe Service Levels offer a range of functionality on the handset, explained in more details on the VoIP website

Important note - This item needs to be connected to a Cisco Call Manager or other third party telephone system for it to be able to make and receive calls. In the case of the LGfL hosted Call Manager this attracts a quarterly service charge and call tariff rate for calls made by that phone.