Cisco 8831 Conference Station

The 8831 is a top end conference room speaker phone with optional extension microphones for use in rooms right upto the largest board rooms.

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Service Level:

The 8831 conference phone offers high quality conference room telephony services, with expanded room coverage of up to 1500 square feet, and support for daisy chaining two units.

A wired control panel with a dial pad extends from the base station, adding convenience and flexibility in multi-chairperson meetings, and can be supported by POE Ethernet switches.

A choice of accessory options are available with both wired and Digital Equipment Cordless Telephony (DECT) wireless extension microphones and charging stations.

This phone can be purchased in the following ways:

'Just the handset' this is literally 'Just the handset' and has no Cisco Licenses for the use of this phone with a call manager - it is designed to be used in one of two ways. So you can replace a handset that has been damaged in a non-warranty covered way like a cup of tea being poured over it or as an additional handset tethered to a Deluxe handset you already have installed on your system.

'Basic", "Standard', 'Enhanced' & 'Deluxe' offer a range of functionality on the handset which is described in the product flyer that may be found here

Important note - This item needs to be connected to a Cisco Call Manager or other third party telephone system for it to be able to make and receive calls. In the case of the LGfL hosted Call Manager this attracts a monthly connection charge and call tariff rate for calls made by that phone.