Remote backup made easy, scaled pricing based on total capacity, and unlimited number of backup servers in the license, this product resolves your backup issues

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Key features:

  • Secure off-site backup
  • Encryption of stored data
  • Resilient storage
  • Automated regularly scheduled backups
  • On demand backups possible
  • Easy to use management software
  • Simple and quick process for data restoring
  • No licensing costs
  • Easily upgradable storage space
  • 50GB-500GB or more
  • Annual subscription with all licenses included
  • Backups made over broadband connection
  • Special discount price available for orders of 1TB or above - POA


As schools increasingly rely on technology for delivery of educational services, the secure storage of data associated with those services becomes ever more critical. To ensure the smooth running of administrative and operational tasks that aid teaching and learning, it is essential to protect this large volume of crucial data against unforeseen events or local hardware failures.

GridStore offers all establishments subscribing to LGfL services (including those waiting to be migrated over from the LGfL 1 network) with resilient and secure remote backups at highly competitive prices.

Any piece of ICT equipment within a school's network is at risk from unpredictable data loss due to a system failure or, in worse case scenarios vandalism, theft or damage by fire or flooding. Therefore storing data off-site in a secure, resilient facility is a sensible, low-risk alternative.

GridStore offers the ability to schedule remote backups to be performed on a regular basis over your broadband connection. The simple-to-use, fully licensed software provided with the service helps eliminate two of the biggest risks in the backup process: human error and local events.

Remote backups can be used to protect servers, individual work stations, MIS data and most other data required by schools. Backups are created by automated schedules while data restoration to the original or desired location is performed at the touch of a button.

NOTE: When purchasing GridStore you must calculate the total amount of storage required for all devices to be backed up and choose the relevant amount of storage from the drop down menu. If purchasing more than 500GB, or if you are an existing GridStore customer requiring more storage, order additional storage in blocks of 100GB.

To backup SIMS data, a SIMS Plug-in is required which would be an additional cost. All GridStore service pricing is per annum and a 3 year minimum term applies.

If you which to discuss any of the above in more detail or would like a quote please contact