AutoText Secondary

A messaging service for Secondary Schools enabling simple communication with staff and parents/guardians.

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The USO-AutoText service allows schools to send text messages, data push notifications and email to the mobile phones of staff and parents.

The dedicated management site allows recipients to be filtered by school, year, class or any groups from your school MIS. Alternatively, personalised user groups can be created and saved for specific messages to be sent out e.g. management teams or after school clubs.

The management site shows a running balance of text messages sent, which are billed to the school in arrears on a quarterly basis..

USO-AutoText makes use of the data your school exports to Atomwide from your MIS. This allows your data regarding pupil absences and parent contacts to be available automatically, without users having to continuously update this information. The service also allows you to run reports which highlight any inaccuracies within the data received from your MIS.

The USO-AutoText standard service comes with an annual subscription charge plus text messages at 5p each, data push notifications at 2.5p each, and free unlimited emails.

A package subscription is also available that includes unlimited data push notifications to parents with the ParentLink:Mobile app.

The iOS app can be downloaded from iTunes whilst the Android app can be downloaded from Google play

The ParentLink:Mobile app also works in conjunction with the OpenCheck website and allows parents to check the status of their children’s schools or view the schools’ scheduled closures for holidays and inset days.

Parents who install the app will automatically receive notifications of school status so they can stay informed effortessly in case of emergency closure.