Annual Service & USO Integration

Annual Service & USO integration for your CCTV camera system.

Annual Service

Atomwide engineers monitor and manage the operation of your cameras and recording systems ensuring their smooth running and functionality. Support is also provided on the occasions where you may need to recover images and recordings from the system. A preferential emergency call out option is provided in normal working hours to effect any repairs of modifications to the system that may be required with labour and parts costs being charged separately.

USO integration

A core hosted web server is provided that exposes 2 minute snap shots of CCTV images to the Internet with USO access control. Nominated contacts at your school can control on a per user basis the USO users who can gain access to the web based images. In addition full snap shot delivery via the ParentComms mobile app for iPhone and Android devices is included for unlimited users. Streamed cctv images can be delivered live to mobile devices is supported for a number of third party software options in conjunction with RAV3 network access again with an unlimited USO user access license.