Android Digital Signage Device

Atomwide app-based Digital Signage solution that runs on a low cost mini Android device.

This highly scalable system allows you to start with a single screen and expand your system to any size whenever your requirements change. Content can be displayed via a single screen in a main area or broadcast across multiple screens spread around a school site. In multi-screen configurations, all screens can show the same content or each screen can have its own content.

The Android devices are configured by Atomwide and supplied with the Digital Signage app pre-installed.

A configured Android device simply connects to each monitor and to the Internet via the school's network.

Digital Signage content is updated from a dedicated, secure website, accessed via a USO login. This allows displays to be updated from any computer both in and away from school

A simple and intuitive website accessed via USO will allow users to perform a range of management and scheduling tasks including:

  • Upload content such as images, videos, web pages, text etc
  • Schedule different items to play for the required duration
  • Schedule different layouts and content to run at different times
  • Design and build new layouts with the easy-to-use layout builder tools
  • Set user permissions for different levels of access to the various zones


some keypoints

some technical specs