Wireless Access Point

Ubiquiti UniFi-PRO AC wireless access point

Entry level 802.11 AC wireless access point that has a 1Gbit wired Ethernet interface and is supplied with PoE (Power over Ethernet) adaptor or can be powered by PoE switching. This unit has a wireless range of up to 400ft and can support up to 4 SSIDs

These units integrate into the LGfL USO authentication system providing granular control over users and access to the wireless network. 

Each base station by default broadcasts an Admin network, a Curriculum network and a Guest network with control for access to these networks in the hands of the Nominated contact in the establishment the units are installed in. 

Further granular control is available as these units integrate with the WebScreen II filter system and will allow individual users to receive the filter policy that they would normally receive from within their establishment.

In addition users from other establishments can visit and use any LGfL connected wireless systems and be filtered using their home establishment filter policy assuming the local establishment allows this access.