UnoCart - 16 Laptop Cart

The LapSafe UnoCart - a cost effective laptop charging cabinet for up to 16 laptops available at competitive prices from Atomwide...

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Key Functions
  • Engineered by LapSafe® Products
  • Safe 240 volt charging technology utilising the laptop chargers
  • Charge up to 16 laptops(LAP16)
  • Power management system
  • Effective AC adaptor cable management system allowing easy set up and neat storage
  • Inbuilt surge protection
  • Compatible with large format (18.5”) and wide screen laptops
  • Automatic temperature control (twin fans)
  • Anti slip rubber mat
  • 2 x foot operated front brakes
  • Available colour choices: blue, green, red, yellow, black and white.
  • 3 year warranty (1 year on-site, 2 years RTB)


Product description


The UnoCart™ laptop cart accommodates large format and wide screen laptops, providing ample height for larger battery packs.

The UnoCart™ laptop cart provides mobile management for laptops, with a robust, sturdy steel chassis. The UnoCart™ laptop cart has been designed and constructed to meet the demand of managing laptop computers within schools, colleges and universities.

Built exclusively in the UK from recycled steel and meeting or exceeding all British industry standards, the UnoCart™ laptop cart is made from the highest quality materials and reliable components.

The UnoCart™ cabinet is simple and safe to use, utilising the AC adaptor supplied with your laptops. No reaching to the back of the laptop cart to plug in the power supply as the effective cable management allows for neat accessible stowage for each laptops' power.



UnoCart™ for 16 laptops:

  • Height = 88.5cm
  • Depth = 55.0cm
  • Width inc Handles = 102.4cm
  • Weight empty = 90kg