Entry Level VoIP Set-Up

The bespoke set-up of an establishment's phone system on the Call Manager hardware and software.

Under an Atomwide Entry Level VoIP Set-Up a school will receive:

  • A main line Call Handler set-up which includes OpenCheck integration and an Out of Hours service
  • Option for an Absence Line voicemail service*
  • One Hunt Group set-up

*Absence Line voicemail service requires additional Enhanced licence charge of £95.00 and a quarterly charge of between £24.39 and £19.50 depending on contract length.

Terminology and Descriptions

Call Handler

A Call Handler is the automated message that callers will listen to when they first call an establishment's main line phone number. The actual message can be recorded by the establishment using one of its IP Telephony handsets with the Call Handler configured to match the options listed in the recorded message, "press one for reception, two to leave an absence message.." and so on.

OpenCheck Service

Integration with the OpenCheck school status update service is available and can be included as an option on an establishment's Call Handler. OpenCheck can be updated by authorised users via the LGfL Support Site and whatever the current school status can then be advised in an automated message via the establishment's Call Handler. More information on school OpenCheck can be found here

Out of Hours Service

Set-up and configuration of an automated message that calls divert to when out of school opening hours.

Absence Line Voicemail

An option on the Call Handler for a caller to simply leave a message to report their childs absence from school. The message is recorded and can then be sent to an individual to listen to via email or to a shared mailbox if more than one person is responsible for handling absence reporting.

Hunt Group

A group of handsets that can be configured to either all ring at the same time when a call comes in or ring individually with a set time period before transferring onto the next handset in the group if the call remains unanswered. The best working example of this is a typical school office environment where all staff member's handsets ring at the same time when the main line school number is called.