Annual USOSync Subscription

USOSync enables schools subscribing to Atomwide USO user authentication to synchronise their Active Directory with USO.

Atomwide's USOSync enables schools to manage LAN and WAN user accounts from a single location - the USO Support Site. Via USOSync, Windows domain accounts within a school can be created in, and removed from, appropriate groups as users join and leave the school; home directories can also be created and shared for new users.

This not only eases the administrative burden on schools, but also means that each user has greater consistency in the username and password which he or she uses, whether accessing resources on the schools Local Area Network or the wider LA/RBC system.

As well as creating Windows user accounts, USOSync groups them in Organizational Units (OUs) for Students (sub-divided by Year Group), Staff and Nominated Contacts, creates and shares home directories, and sets folder permissions, leaving only the managment of Group Policies and login scripts (if required) to be handled locally.

PLEASE NOTE: USOSync is an annually renewable service at £317.50 pa and includes installation for a single AD in year 1. Subsequent installations on the same server are chargable at an additonal hourly rate. Multiple installations, i.e. across multi academy trusts can get pricing upon request.