Brother QL-570 license

Got your own Brother QL-570 printer – use it on your wireless network with this software option pack.

If you already have a Brother QL-570 printer at your establishment then this software pack will provide you with the template files and software license to make use of it within your system.

With an LGfL wireless network deployed in your establishment the support site offers the facility to generate temporary usernames and passwords for your visiting guests.

These can be generated by accessing a specific page on the support site by staff at your reception and then handed out to your visitors.

The credentials can have a expiry time set for them ranging from 1 hour to 1 day.

When credentials are issued the issuing member of staff has the opportunity to note down identifying details for the visitor and the use of the username and password is logged providing a trace history.

To simplify the experience for the end users a Brother QL-570 printer can be used and integrated into the support site functionality and automate the process of issuing credentials to guests in a confidential way at an open reception.

This package contains the software template and license for one QL-570 printer