Phone home Service

Want to connect a phone at your home to your establishment's VOIP system ?

Most of the time all the phones in your establishment will be connected to the local network which is connected to the Internet via your LGfL 2.0 connection.

On some occasions it’s good to have an extension on your phone system that’s actually at home or in a remote site connected to the Internet but this can be difficult as in general your home ADSL connection will not have a fixed ip address making the implementation of a phone extension difficult to do in a secure way.

It is possible, on part of the range of Cisco phones, to arrange for the phone to be plugged into your local network at home and in effect create a secure VPN tunnel back onto the LGfL 2.0 network and register itself as an extension on your phone exchange.

This service is compatible with the following phones which must be purchased and licensed separately.

7944, 7945, 7962, 7965, 7975, 9951 & 9971 - and all 8800 series.

Using this service on ADSL – ADSL does not provide any form of quality of service – this means that if you try and download a large Microsoft service pack, watch a movie streamed on line and make a phone call at the same time then regardless of the fact that you can multi-task the ADSL connection will have all three things fight for bandwidth – if the phone does not win then the call will fail. Most of the time this is not a problem and is easily addressed by NOT downloading large files over ADSL while you are making a phone call.

This is a software one off charge that does NOT attract any on-going charges.