Bulk OTP tags

Bulk OTP tag promotion giving you OTP tags for just £25 +VAT - bulk prices for small quantity purchases of tags that work across the whole product range.


Please buy a minimum of 2

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For a minimum purchase of 2 OTP tags a bulk price of £25 per tag is available. PLEASE NOTE this is for credit card, PayPal or Cheque with order purchases.

The CentraStage product shipped as standard with an LGfL 2.0 connection requires the mandatory use of OTP tags.

To help the take up of this service LGfL have agreed a special Cash With Order price structure.

OTP tags are available on school credit accounts and for this type of purchase please use the normal OTP product found here.

Please note that OTP tags are subject to an additional £1.50 charge per tag to cover carriage, admin & processing - up to a maximum charge of £15.

If you'd like information on free 'Soft OTP' options for staff members in London Grid for Learning (LGfL) or TRUSTnet establishments please see our blog post for more information.