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OTP (One Time Password) 2nd Factor Authentication tags add an
additional layer of security to your USO account.

Recommended for users that handle or otherwise grant access to particularly sensitive data, or to services that carry additional risk to network security or personal data when in use.

These time-based tags produce a new code every 60 seconds and have an average life expectancy of at least 2-3 years, come with 12 months warranty, lifetime support, and are maintenance-free.

Volume based price discounts apply, per OTP Time based tag, as follows:

1 - 49       £45

50 - 149   £35

150+        £25

Please note that OTP tags are subject to an additional £1.50 charge per tag to cover carriage, admin & processing - up to a maximum charge of £15.


Once-only per school - OTP tags paid for by LGfL

A school connected to LGfL may make a once-only request for OTP tags for all existing registered Nominated Contacts employed by the school, plus the head teacher, which will be paid for by LGfL.  This offer does not apply to tags already purchased, and any subsequent tags required because of loss of tag, or change of roles or personnel are not covered by this arrangement.

The application page for this offer can be found here.

Pay+ has a new look!

A new-look Pay+ website is now available!
It offers new features such as the ability to save your card details for future payments.

The old site will be available for a few more weeks but we encourage you to try out the new site.

Pay+ has a new look!

A redesigned Pay+ website is now available!
It offers a range of new features such as saving card details for future payments, editing the Meal Register in bulk and most importantly, enhanced information about online payments and the ability to do refunds directly from the site.
An email detailing the new features has been sent to all the service administrators.
We invite you to explore the new site but the old site will also be available for a few more weeks.