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  • WebScreen 2.0 training courses for Nominated Contacts

    Free one-day training courses on web filtering using WebScreen 2.0 are being offered to Nominated Contacts within LGfL 2.0-subscribing schools. Those wishing to attend need to have previously completed the regular Nominated Contact training courses and have switched over to the new Virgin Media network. Courses will be held on a regular basis every 3-4 weeks. For more information and to book your place, please visit the bookings page in the USO support site.

  • LGfL 2.0 Wireless Site Surveys

    Site surveys are now available for establishments that wish to deploy an LGfL 2.0 Wireless Network. Surveys are charged at £150.00 +VAT and this charge is deducted from any subsequent order placed for Wireless hardware. To book a Wireless site survey please contact sales@atomwide.com

Pay+ has a new look!

A new-look Pay+ website is now available!
It offers new features such as the ability to save your card details for future payments.

The old site will be available for a few more weeks but we encourage you to try out the new site.

Pay+ has a new look!

A redesigned Pay+ website is now available!
It offers a range of new features such as saving card details for future payments, editing the Meal Register in bulk and most importantly, enhanced information about online payments and the ability to do refunds directly from the site.
An email detailing the new features has been sent to all the service administrators.
We invite you to explore the new site but the old site will also be available for a few more weeks.